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My Petco Conure died unexpectedly

I purchased a green-cheek conure from Petco six months ago. He was about 4 months old when I got him. I took him to 4 vet visits in this time for low body weight, which never improved. He had been battling a low-grade bacterial infection since I got him, as well, that got worse at the end of his life. The vet had commented that he had a deformity in one of his nares. So, when his beak started growing uncontrollably and he began acting severely lethargic, they told me that there was little that could be done. They said that it was very, very unusual for a bird that young to exhibit signs of liver disease, and that it was probably the result of an issue that he was born with or had been battling since well before I purchased him. Over the course of a week, he slowly lost interest in all food and water, and he died yesterday. It is true that he'd had some issues since I got him, and the vet seemed convinced that he was bred with the issues that led him to die way too young. I am deeply upset, and if it is true that Petco is purchasing birds for sale that are bred with genetic abnormalities, deformities, and congenital health issues, I think this is abhorrant. I spent thousands of dollars under the assumption that I would have a companion for the next 15 years. I lost my best friend, and there was nothing I could do. 


Re: My Petco Conure died unexpectedly

I am so sorry, that sounds horrible, it made me sad just reading this! I am sure he loved being with someone who took care of him for the short amount of time he had.
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Re: My Petco Conure died unexpectedly

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Hi Branchingsix


Wecolme to the community, I'm so sorry for your loss. Can you please send your name, phone number and the store location where you purchase your conure from to ptpsupport@petco.com so we can look into this further?


Thank you, Alex



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Re: My Petco Conure died unexpectedly

that story makes my heart hurt. My favorite part is that you are not looking to gain anything unlike almost everyone on the Internet. It seems unlikely that Petco would be able to detect genetic abnormalities ( or it would not be financially responsible to check for them ) I am extremely sorry for your loss your bird friend was very lucky to have a caring owner like yourself. your pet friend has been lost and hopefully you get a new one. Difficult decision to know if Petco should have seen this coming or you were just extremely unlucky, a kind person like your self shouldn't be unlucky twice
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Re: My Petco Conure died unexpectedly

I hope you don't give up on having a green cheek. I understand why your vet would say what they did about any petstore - they are stores only looking for a profit. I've met many skilled and compassionate employees but the animals of every sort they get are from the equivalent of puppy farms. They (breeders) don't care and the petstore administrators at the top of the food chain don't care about quality but I doubt they're intentionally breeding in an unhealthy gene pool - that would take too much work. I'd say the most likely event is that they have a limited breeding stock and some of the babies are from too close an inbreeding.

I'd like to suggest that you go to Phoenixlanding.org or other avian rescue sites, or petfinder.com


I'm so sorry for your loss and when I say I understand how you might feel, I mean it.

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My Petco Conure died unexpectedly

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