Homemade Mouse Food?


 I am thinking about getting a pet mouse (or two) and have been doing my research on foods and I can't seem to find a perfect mouse food, so I am thinking about making my own mix. What would I need to add in it, any suggestions for a perfect recipe? The mice would be around the age of 5 months if that helps. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Homemade Mouse Food?

That's exciting to hear Piggy48! I'm interested to see if anyone has some recipes. In the meantime, here's a care sheet on mice that may be helpful. Along with their main diet, you can provide limited amounts of grains, vegetables and fruits. Keep in mind that any vegetables and fruits not eaten within 24 hours should be discarded. Fresh food and water should always be available and refreshed daily. Please come back and share photos if you get a mouse (or two)!


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Re: Homemade Mouse Food?

what can and can't my pet mice eat? | Yahoo Answers

Hope this helps outSmiley Very Happy


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