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I have a eight month old rescue puppy that has been battling giardia since adoption (2 months) She has been on a high quality dog food (natural balance ) , the vet has treate her with 3 types of meds and she still has it. Her vets tells us to pick up her stools asap , wipe her butt (so she doesn't re infect herself). sometimes her stools are so mushy its hard to clean up so I sanitize the spot with bleach diluted with water.  Is there anything that i could also be doing ?  its so discouraging that it is taking so long to clear up.

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Re: Giardia

Hi, Mari. Welcome to the community and thank you for your question. It sounds like you've already taken the proper precautions by taking her to the vet. If you are sill concerned for her health we advise doing a follow-up with the vet, to be on the safe side. You may also want to inquire on the Giardia vaccine to prevent this from recurring in the future. For more information on Giardia, you can visit or knowledge base here in the community:
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Re: Giardia

I'm having the same problem with my rescue pups. I have two so they keep reinfecting themselves.

My vet had some extra tips. You can add a probiotic to boost their digestive system. Also, you can try sprinkling fiber on her food so that it is easier to clean up. Plus a bulkier stool is less likely to stay on her, so it is less likely she'll "clean" it off herself. 

My vet did some research and came up with a medicine that isn't normally used. (It had to be ordered.) I don't have the name of it with me, but I'll post it when I get home. 

My pups are around my parents older dog constantly, and the older dog hasn't been infected. This makes the vet hopeful that the pups will outgrow the giardia when their imune systems mature.

Hope this helps. I'll get the name of that med to you later today or tomorrow.

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Re: Giardia

Is this still a problem?? One of my neighbors lost both her dogs to giardia because it turned out they were repeatedly (secretly) drinking water from the bird bath which contained contaminated water.  When she discovered this it turned out to be too late. I'm not sure if Petco sells those pet fountains that keep water circulating and filtered, but it may be worth it to look into one. Good luck! =) 

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