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Depression in Bearded Dragon?

My bearded dragon is not acting normal, almost looks like he is depressed. So it started yesterday when he would not move and he would stay in one place all day. He was beginning to only eat half of what he normally eats. Today he wasn't any better in fact he's displaying a behavior I've never seen before which is hiding in his hide away. He has never done this before. He's just been lethargic and it's worrying me! Do they get depressed. Has no symptoms of imp action, respiratory illness, or MBD.

He has UVB/UVA lighting with a heat lamp. Normal temperatures around 75 to 85 and basking is about 110. He's living in a 36x18x12 and is 5 months old, 8 inches. I feed him about 30 mealworms or crickets a day and dusted with calcium a 4 days a week. I also give in veggies and a shallow water bowl that I see him use a lot. I use calcium sand to. And ideas?
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Re: Depression in Bearded Dragon?

Hard to say. Perhaps some more intense, directed heat is in order. A basking area of perhaps 120-130 or so. The cool side is fine. I would scrap the calcium sand. It's pretty awful. I suggest a 50/50 mix of topsoil and playsand, assuming the playsand in your area is not aragonite-based (playsand is usually mined locally). What exact supplements are you using? What brand of UVB light, and have you had the same bulb since you got him? What style UVB is it (power compact, fluorescent, or mercury vapor)?
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Re: Depression in Bearded Dragon?

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Agreed no calcium sand, that is horrible. Also maybe try a warm bath. Reptile carpet is another alternative. He could also be burmating check out this link http://www.reptileforums.co.uk/forums/lizards/806457-brumation-bearded-dragons.html 

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Re: Depression in Bearded Dragon?

Look at Brumation!   My Dragon recently started this and I am taking precautionary steps but so far I believe this is what is going on.  It is a normal thing for mature Dragons.  Still may want a vet visit and fecal exam!

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Re: Depression in Bearded Dragon?

Brumation is a possibility, though most dragons this young don't brumate in captivity. There are always a few that do, though.
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