Baby Piggies

I have two, male baby Piggies that both prefer loose alfalfa and timothy hay to pellets or treats. I have tried young pig food and food with treats included. They will eat shoestring cut carrots but no other fresh food. I add high C treat to their food and they will eat it but prefer the loose hay. Jelly Bean is solid black with a white tuft on his head and Snickerdoodle is white with reddish brown from his head to one ear and one black ear. Jelly's only sound is an ear piercing whistle, I have never heard anything so loud! Snicker whistles and makes the normal wheet, wheet sound. I have never had such picky Piggies! They are round balls of joy and I want to keep them healthy. Do I trust that they'll eat what they need?
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Thank you for your question; I'd love to see a photo of Snickerdooles and Jelly Bean! Fresh food, timothy hay and water should always be available. Limited amounts of vegetables and fruits can be given daily and whatever fresh food is not eaten within 24 hours should be discarded. It's also important to keep in mind that treats should not exceed 10% of total food intake. Here's a care sheet with more information that may be helpful https://goo.gl/hPwBVG





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Thanks, they eat about 60 percent loose hay and alfalfa, 35 percent pellets and 5 percent treats. They drink a good amount of water and fresh food is only in their cage a few hours and if not eaten its thrown away. I try to keep their food bowl full because they are babies and still growing. I will have to try to get a picture of them together. They are so cute!


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