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Anyone know of any good pet insurance that are affordable or good wellness plans???

I am a college student so I can't afford a expensive insurance right now until maybe late next year. I need a wellness plan or affordable insurance for my 3 month old kitten. Who is now curious bundle of fur . I was offered a 30 day trial from 24pet watch but now the complaints and reviews have me skeptical. 😲🤔

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Re: Anyone know of any good pet insurance that are affordable or good wellness plans???

Hi, meliz1990! Although we do not offer our own insurance plan, we wanted to stop by and let you know about Trupanion pet insurance as a place to start. We hope this helps! 

-Tiffany W.


Re: Anyone know of any good pet insurance that are affordable or good wellness plans???

Hi meliz1990,
Although my dogs don't have pet insurance, but I saw in Dogster Magazine that there is a pet insurance company named Embrace Pet Inurance.
I don't know what it costs, though.
This is the website written on the ad:
Hope you can find something!
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Re: Anyone know of any good pet insurance that are affordable or good wellness plans???

My 3 cats are insured with Trupanion, and I've been pretty happy with them.  They have litereally reimbursed me thousands in vet bills.  One of my cats was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) 2 years ago, another got pneumonia, and one was just diagnosed with Diabetes.  I am very glad I have pet insurance - I could never have afforded the huge vet bills otherwise.  I would recommend Trupanion.  Healthy Paws is another top rated company worth looking into.  It is stressful enough having a sick pet.  With pet insurance, I don't have to stress over the bills, and can focus on taking care of my boys.

Pet insurance works differently than human medical insurance.  Generally the pet parent pays the vet bill, and then submits the claim to the pet insurance for reimbursement.  Most pet insurances do not cover any routine care but, depending on the plan, you may be able to purchase an additional rider for routine care coverage.  Routine care typically includes things like:  vaccines, annual exams, routine dentals, and flea/tick/heartworm prevention.  Looking at how routine care coverage increases rates, I personally did not feel adding routine care coverage added value to the plan.  You can and should be planning for routine care Unexpected illnesses and injuries cannot be planned for, and can quickly result in huge vet bills, usually at the worst times.  I chose to get pet insurance for those illnesses and injuries.  Just like human medical insurance, no pet insurance will cover any pre-existing conditions so best to insure as a puppy or kitten.

When shopping for pet insurance, it's important to ask a lot of questions, and understand the plan you'd be buying.  Most negative pet insurance reviews I see online are because someone did not understand what they bought!  Call customer service, get some free quotes, and ask some questions:

  • Is the deductible annual or per condition?
  • What % do you reimburse?
  • Is reimbursement based off actual costs or a "contracted rate"?
  • How long does reimbursement take?
  • Is there a direct deposit option for reimbursement?
  • Is there an annual or lifetime maximum pay by plan limit? (A $5,000 annual benefit limit might sound like a lot, but my cat, Rider incurred almost $4,000 in claims by March when he was diagnosed with IBD.)
  • Is there a Pre-Approval option for expensive tests and treatments?
  • Does the plan cover Rx diets? (I've learned most do not.)
  • Are there any exclusions?  (You might be surprised...)
  • How are rates figured, and will my rates go up due to my pet ageing or me submitting claims? 
  • How often are rates reviewed?
  • Do you offer any discounts?  (My cat, Vinny receives a small discount on his policy as a Therapy Cat/working pet.)
  • Will chronic conditions continue to be covered as long as no break in coverage? (I had a bad experience with a previous pet insurance considering everything "pre-existing" when the plan renewed - even though no break in coverage. Their way of getting out of paying for chronic conditions).
  • May I cancel at any time without penalty if I'm unhappy?

Once you have called customer service, understand the plan, and have some free quotes, then you can make an educated decision as to which plan and company will best meet you and your pets needs.  Remember, it may be impossible (or at least impractical) to switch companies later with an older pet and preexisting conditions!  There are several pet insurance review and comparison sites available, just google pet insurance review or pet insurance comparison, or check  Most pet insurance companies are also on Facebook, and you can see reviews there too.

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Re: Anyone know of any good pet insurance that are affordable or good wellness plans???

Tru Panion!
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