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Vent about turtle tanks

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Alright, so I own two turtles. One is a year old painted and the other is a five year old red earred slider, I have both my turtles in a 75 gallon tank and despite the fact that their both female there is rarely any territoral aggression between the two. I just like anyone who owns a pet, constantly spoil my girls whether it's getting them treats, buying a new type of filter, or just some accessory. So well I was shopping on a few different sites I happened upon Petsmart, and this is where my vent begins. So well I was on Petsmart there happened to be a "checklist" for turtles and tortises specifically, curious as to what they had in terms of turtles and so I clicked on it. Upon doing so the first thing to pop up was obviously habitats, however when I clicked on it they had two listings one for turtles the other for tortises. Naturally this wouldn't be an issue however it was the listing that they had for turtles that has me irritated.


They listed a tank that was only 20 gallons, which if your just starting out is perfectly fine however logically most people aren't going to upgrade their tank at all, if anything they will either upgrade it once to a 30 or 40 (which might be good for a little while) before they give up and just release the turtle into the wild (which wouldn't be bad if half of these turtles weren't raised in captivity to begin with.)

Seeing as in the next few months, the approaching season of "I found this turtle on the side of the road so I'm going to keep it and just have it live in a 10 gallon tank for the rest of it's life" is approaching, I just felt the need to vent. I personally work in a pet store, so this isn't something uncommon, we have people who try all the time to have the turtle live in a 10 gallon tank without any of the needed accesories like a heat/sun lamp, filter, etc. It's honestly irritating especially as someone who owns not one but two turtles myself. I realize that not everyone is an idiot when it comes to owning pets, and that there are people who take good care of their turtles and upgrade their tanks as they go but for every one person who's like that I honestly don't want to know the number of people who aren't.

It's just irritating in all honesty because when I first got my turtle, I was one of those people who just picked her up off the side of the road, the difference however is that I got a 75 gallon tank right off the bat along with everything I needed. I spent the time to research everything I needed to know about painted turtles, and then did the same when I adopted my red eared slider. I realize that some people may think a 75 gallon tank is over excessive especially when it originally housed only one turtle who was only a year old so she would have done fine in a 50-55 gallon tank max. However, I realized that turtles grow over time and as a creature that I planned on keeping around especially since their average life span is 30-50 years, I wanted something that she could grow in and not have to jump from tank to tank.

In terms of my red eared slider, it's actually good that I own a 75 gallon tank as when I adopted her, she was sitting in a 35-40 gallon tank and could barely move around in there not to mention she had been in a tank that size for so long she was obese because of the lack of avalibilty for her to move around. Now that she's home in a 75, she has plenty of room, plus a friend, and she's back down to a healthy weight she has a few added pounds still but nothing that is a major health risk.

My red eared slider is the perfect example of why a 20 or 30 gallon tank is a terrible idea to even sell as a turtle tank even for a starter because lets be honest, once people have a tank they aren't going to spend the money to upgrade to a bigger tank especially if that tank is more than 10 or 20 bucks, which those bigger tanks tend to be way more expensive.

It's just irritating, I honestly wish stores would stop things like that but I also wish people would research turtles more before they decide to get one as a pet. It'd lead to happier homes, healthier pets, and better bonds between the turtles and the people who own them.

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