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Ball python's rough beginner's guide shedding

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Hello, I have had my ball python now for 2 or 3 yrs (can't remember if I bought mine in 2012 or 2013). now I have had shedding trouble many times. It is always scary espicially for first time owners even when not going in blind. Here's some guide lines for ball pythons if you have an open top it is impossable to keep 30%-60% humidity in cages, but don't fear you need to close off about 90% of the top with aluminum foil/duct tape remember they will need air. If your python att is having trouble shedding grabbing a towel and soaking it in hot water then wringing it out and setting it on top of the lid is a awsome way to get humidity up until you can block the top remeber to keep it up and not soaking wet. If by the end of the day it still has not come off a soaking in luke warm water will help but not too much where there head can go under. Now if by 24-36 hrs if it still has not completly shed then grabing a decently rough but soft textured wash cloth with warm water wringed out and letting the snake pass through with a decently tight grip will help. If you still have not gotten the shed off by then, within the 72 hrs (not after the 24-36 hrs (48 hrs)) of noticing your ball python is having trouble you will need to pick up a shed off prohibitor and wait.By now you have done everything you can do if it still has not shed within 96 hrs then you might want to go to a reptile vet 

this is 1 of 2 of my small rough guides.

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Re: ball python's rough beginner's guide shedding

Hi vipper. Thanks for sharing these great tips for helpng a ball python with shedding. Welcome to the community, we're excited to have you here! I checked in with one of our animal care specialists on the topic and they shared some additional tips that will also aid with the shedding process:

  • In terms of the habitat itself, you should always have a water dish large enough for your snake to soak in. This will help prevent shedding issues as it allows the snake to soak itself as needed.
  • Make sure to have some sort of textured décor in the habitat that the snake can rub itself against when attempting to shed.
  • Provide a shed box so the snake can enter and exit at will. Click here to check out some Reptile Hideaways
  • It is important that you never attempt to pull the skin off on your own!
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Re: Ball python's rough beginner's guide shedding

Another good tip for first time ball python owners (of which I'm happy to say I now am one) is not to panic if your snake is grumpier than normal, doesn't want to be held much, or doesn't want to eat. Our snake had been regularly feeding once we brought him home, but then missed a feed while shedding. I was really worried about it until I did some research. Hopefully this will save someone else some time.
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