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Ball Python Tank Set Up

We just bought our ball python about 3 weeks ago.  Started out with just a basic tank and trying to decide how exactly we want to decorate it for our amazing snake.  We are discussing the pros and cons of a living tank verses buying fake plants.  Was just curious if anyone else on the site has experience with a live tank, what it consists of, and how they maintain it.

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Re: Ball Python Tank Set Up

Hi HissingSnake


Thank you for sharing your question and welcome to the community! Here's an article on How to remodel your reptile's habitat that may be helpful. Finding a plant for your terrarium can be very tricky. You want it to look natural, but above all you want it to be safe. Many plants are toxic to your pet and can cause a reaction anywhere from minor itching to death. Never use a plant from outside as a decoration in your reptile's habitat. You can always call or stop by your local Petco to speak with one of our companion animal specialists about the best plants for your tank. You can find the number to call the store nearest you here. I'd love to see a photo of your ball python! 


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