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50 gallon terrarium for 2 tortoises?

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can a female and male tortoise live in a 50 gallon terrariums.meaning would it be ok and enough space for them?

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Hi there! We'll get back to you soon.
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when i need to know as soon as possible


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Oh, "community", patience please! Those tortoises can't go too far in a day or so.... just keep them separate (easily accomplished) until you know the answer!
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A 50 gallon terrarium is generally the smallest you can go and may not be enough space for these 2 tortoises.  Depending on species/size/age.  We would refer you to our care sheet on tortoises that recommends 36”x12” for a Russian tortoise indoor enclosure here.  The dimensions of the terrarium may meet that, but if there are going to be 2 housed together, they will probably need a larger area.

DFS has some good information on setting up a habitat:

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Re: Is a 50 gallon terrarium large enough for 2 tortoises?

Depends on the tortoises, it will also depend on if it's a shallow wide tank or a tall one. If tall then I would not recommend it for any type of tortoise as it,s to hard to regulate the heat and the nessesary UVB light will not reach to the bottom. If it's a breeder style 50 as in shallow and wide then you can house anything up to 10 in in that, so things like redfoots, Greeks, Russian would do well in that. But if you are talking about stuff like a sulcata then you need way more room.
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