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My dog's age, habit, and dog insurance

They gave me a female jack Russell terrier mixed with chihuahua and didn't know anything about the dog. How do I find out how old she is and her birthday ? She doesn't have a microchip either .<br><br>She has this habit of always licking her private areas like every 5 minutes. Is that normal?<br><br>My dog is a picky eater she likes more canned food and doesn't like dry food at all. What foods are healthy for her ?<br><br>What kind of insurance should I get if I want to take her to the vet to figure out her age and if she's vaccinated or not ?<br><br>HELPPPP!
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Re: My dog's age, habit, and dog insurance

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Unless the former owner gave you paperwork and/ or licensed her (does she have a rabies tag?) you have no way of knowing if and when she got a rabies shot.
Petco has low cost vaccinations, the only one required by law is the rabies shot, but you may want to get distemper and parvo vaccines at least one time.
If you take her to a vet to examine her they can give you an idea of her age, how do her teeth look?
If there is a lot of tartar buildup that would indicate she's at least a couple of years old, although some small breeds have lousy teeth.
Get some Petrodex toothpaste and brush them once a day, you may be able to avoid cleanings.
Is she spayed?  I think it's best if you make an appointment with a vet,  they should be able to determine by examination and advise you regarding the vaccines and insurance.
She may have a urinary tract infection or be going into heat (regarding the excessive licking) she'll need antibiotics if it's a UTI.
Get a quality dry food  and mix it with a little canned food.
Feed her twice a day, don't leave food out all day and always have fresh water available.
I would consider her birthday to be the day you adopted her.

Don't forget to go to the town hall and license her (they will want proof of rabies shot)

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Re: My dog's age, habit, and dog insurance

Hi iGoldy Welcome to Pet Talk Place!


I received the following information from one of our Master Trainers:


“Wow, sounds like you have your hands full!  First, take a deep breath, we have all been there.  Second, schedule an appointment with your vet for an exam and possible vaccinations.  Your vet will recommend a vaccination protocol and will take a peep at your dog’s teeth, which will give an estimate of her age.  We’ve had rescue dogs too, and did not know their exact age, so we celebrated their birthday on Jan 1st, it worked well and our dogs loved the “party cake”!   As for the licking of her private area, this is due to stress.  I’m sure your entire household is stressed with a new family member, this is normal.  Bring her on daily walks, for 30 minutes, which will relieve some of that stress.  Thundershirts are wonderful for stress, so are DAP collars (smell mimics a momma dog nursing, very calming). As for pet insurance, there are many, personally I use Trupanion, as this works best for me.  Do your research and note, most pet insurance are not effective until a minimum of 10 days after enrollment.  Good luck, and we know you will ROCK this!”


I encourage you to post any other concerns you have in mind.


Also, thank you doglady for that very helpful insight that you shared.


Thank you all for your contributions and have a great day!

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