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Thinking about getting a female fiddler.

Hello everyone! I have two male fiddler crabs Sebastian and Crab cake. I don’t know if y’all saw my post about Sebastian losing is big claw. But I want to get a female fiddler crab so I can have some babies. But I can’t really find anything online about How to take care of baby fiddler crabs. I have every thing I need for the two males. And I like the current setup in the tank but if I need to change anything I am willing to do it! I have some question about baby fiddler crabs. Do they need any special food? Do I need to separate the babies for the parents? And will Sebastian be Ok if I put a female in the tank? They have live fish to eat but will the fish eat the babies? Will the male or female eat the babies? Does the female lay it’s eggs under water? Even if you don’t know all of these questions please let me know something. Y’all can also send a link to something if you have one. Thanks!!!!😉

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Re: Thinking about getting a female fiddler.

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Hi OreoTheBunny06. May we know why you want to breed the fiddler crabs? It is a lot of work, no guarantee they will breed, and few report success. I would encourage you to just enjoy the crabs you have, unless you do a lot of research and are willing to do what it takes. They will likely need a separate grow out tank with different water parameters, separate food, etc. See article below for some more detail.


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Re: Thinking about getting a female fiddler.

Ok. Thanks for getting back. I am willing to do almost anything! I also have a tank I can separate them. Thanks!
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