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3.6 gallon tank

Hi everyone, I wanted to know if anyone have gotten a 3.6 gallon cubic tank. I have one for about a month, where I'm seeing few problems is that my water is getting clouding on top, but when you see it thought the glass it looks clean. The fish I have is a cory catfish, and about four or five snails that are black mysterm snail. I try using the water tank clearing stuff which it didn't work for me so will. The only thing I can think of what is causing it being clouding on top of the water is the bio filter ball thing filter you can only get that petco is making it cloudly. If anyone have any ideas how to deal with it, or have the same tank that have the same problem, please leave a reply if you know how to deal with it or having the same problem that we could put our heads together on how to deal with it.

P.S I know its not my cory catfish, or my snails right now where I have one big one and four baby snails.

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Re: 3.6 gallon tank

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Hi Dragonrider


Thank you for your questions and welcome to the community! I checked in with one of Petco's animal care specialists on this and they provided the following advice:


  • Cory catfish only reach 2.5 inches or so, as this is a fresh water fish, we recommend one gallon per inch of fish.
  • It's important to perform routine partial water changes, and have your water tested at Petco for free.
  • Also, make sure that you're not over feeding the tank.
  • Cory catfish can live alone but can stress easily, they are generally housed in tanks with lots of live plans as hiding spots to help reduce that stress.
  • It is also important to ensure the gravel or substrate is at least 2 inches deep as they are bottom feeders.
  • If water quality is off the animal has an increased chance of developing disease, so it is important that to reach out to your local Petco for water testing anytime you have questions or concerns.


I hope this helps!

Alex Cat Very Happy

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