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I have a major problem. I don’t know if my parakeet is a male or female. I wanted to get it a partner or mate but I don’t know the gender
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Re: parakeet

Hi Kevin2525. 



Thank you for your question, I recommend contacting your local Petco to speak with one of their companion animal specialist. They will be able to assist you in identifying the gender of your parakeet. You can find the number to call the store nearest you here.  




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Re: parakeet

Typically the male parakeets have a darker blue or purplish cere (the area right above their beak with the 2 holes). Females tend to have tan or peach/pink cere.
It's easiest to tell if they're over 4 months.
Your local store can usually guess, but they can't guarantee the sex.
Maybe google some images to give you a better idea.
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