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betta help

About a month ago I bought a betta fish (Wally) and two snails (Batman & Apollo). Just recently my betta has been acting more lethargic. He often lays on the gravel next to a plastic plant and only swims when i walk up to his tank, feed him, or when he needs air. His fins are also always clamped together, which is unlike him. I feed him about 5-8 small pellets every night, and he always eats them eagerly. He lives in a 2 gallon hexagon tank with a filter and light bulb. The two snails still appear to be doing great. If you have any advice on what I should do differently, please let me know.

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Re: betta help

Hi Wally_betta and welcome to our community. Thank you for posting your concern about Wally. We'd like to share with you an article of information that can be helpful: Lethargic behavior. If you have additional question, we suggest reaching out to our aqautics specialist in store. You can find the number here: https://goo.gl/DYGJnP

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Re: betta help

Maybe he wants more oxygen; you could try using an air pump and an air stone.
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Re: betta help

You need an air stone in your tank. also you need a filter to get the toxins out of your tank. you are overfeeding your fish give him only three pebbles twice a day. last I would get him a 5 gallon tank there cheap and it will be less care for you to upkeep. if you do not have plants get some because this type of fish loves to wedge its self and sleep. do not use tap water its harmful without a additive to get rid of chlorine remover.

Re: betta help

Hi! I think I can help on this one. First of all... are you using betta water conditioner? You should only give your betta 2 pellets. If your given them more then 5 they can get sick or possibly die. Bettas do not need a bubble stone. Infact they don’t like movement in their water. They also need betta treats. I feed my betta fish blood worms and baby shrimp for treats. Feed your betta treats Ever other day or so. They don’t need a filter in there tank. Make sure that your filter is not too strong for your betta. Hope this helps and I hope Wally gets better! Thanks😉

Re: betta help

You also need a thermometer. It should tell you this right temperature for a betta. If it is too cold you’ll need a water heater.
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