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Platy Fry

Does anybody know if Petco will buy platy fry? Is there an age that they have to be before selling them? How much would I make for each?


Is this platy even pregnant? What time frame am I looking at?20170204_111307-1.jpg


Thanks so much! 

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Re: Platy Fry

Hi Smoore, welcome!  


Thank you for your question, however Petco does not buy surrender animals. I recommend calling or stopping by your local store with this photo and speaking with an aquatic specialist about your platy for advice. They will be able to give you more details about what to do if your fish is pregnant. If you're unable to keep the fish when they're born, you may want to call your local Petco and ask what rescue groups they work with, then you could contact that rescue group and see if they can provide some advice or assistance. You can find the number to your local Petco store http://goo.gl/Von7ic. Additionally here's an article from our community of pet lovers with tips for re-homing a pet. Good luck!


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Re: Platy Fry

Looks like your platy is pregnant. Gestation is about a month but is temperature dependent to some extent. Warmer water equals shorter gestation.  

Birth is imminent when the female's abdomen takes on a "squared-off" appearance and develops a dark spot near the vent.  Broods can be a few to a few dozen and generally increase in size with each successive brood.

You will not get rich breeding fish unless you breed a highly desirable strain or species.  Fish stores will take fry off your hands, Sometimes I have been given a few bucks in "trade" for several dozen juvenile African cichlids; most fish stores won't do that.

Raising the young fish requires lots of care. Very frequent feedings and almost daily partial water changes to remove any excess food or waste.  Water conditions have to be excellent; you won't succeed in raising them in a bowl or small glass container.  I would think a twenty gallon tank fully equipped with heater and filter would accommodate a brood of platies for about six months.  They are not especially fast growers, which is another reason this is not a likely money making venture.

But it is fascinating and rewarding, and it's a good challenge to set before yourself to see how well you can do at the challenging task of raising young fish.

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