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Listless Betta

HELP>>> I just changed out my betta water on Friday because of algae and had to replace the Aqueon heater because it quit working.  Simba spent several hours in unheated water.  Now Simba is not behaving as he did.  He won't come to me, he's hiding behind the filter or on the bottom of the tank. 

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Re: Listless Betta

Did you change ALL of the bettas water? You should only ever change half of the water AT MOST. Also, does your beta have a filter? Have you tested the water?
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Re: Listless Betta

Sorry, I re read and saw you do have a filter

Re: Listless Betta

How big is the tank, did you add any water conditioner to the water before placing it in there, and lastly have you completed a nitrogen cycle on your aquarium?

It sounds like he has new tank syndrome ( or clamped fins ( and hence why he is acting the way he is.
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Re: Listless Betta

My guess is that temperature is more of a factor than new tank syndrome. New tank syndrome is essentially ammonia poisoning and affected fish gasp and swim erratically and spastically as a result. Listless behavior is often the result of low temps.


If you have not changed the water for a long time, a 100% water change can be a jolt to fish. It's possible that pH has lowered quite a bit in the tank compared to water fresh out of the tap. pH shock can happen as a result. Water changes are best when they are frequent and partial (25-50%).


Hopefully the fish will perk up as water temperature warms.  Good Luck!

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