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Is this normal? Glofish

I have had my glofish for three days now. I have three same size in a ten gallon tank. All they do is chase each other all day. Is this normal?
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Re: Is this normal? Glofish

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I am assuming you mean the GloFish Danios. There are also GloFish Tetras and Glofish Barbs.

All are schooling species. Keeping more individuals is preferred because their behavior will be more "normal" compared with only two or three kept together. They are always nipping and chasing to sort out issues of dominance and subordination. When there are many fish in the school, the aggression gets dispersed among several. When you have only three, the two that are slightly larger may relentlessly nip at and chase the smallest. Unless you see one constantly hanging out and hiding in an upper corner of the tank, things should be okay. but DO try to respond if you see one fish being abused.

No matter what species of GloFish you own-- Tetras Danios or Barbs-- I would say at least a 20 gallon long tank is preferred with at least 8 fish, all of one species, to maintain these fish with less aggression and more typical schooling behavior.

Good Luck!

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Re: Is this normal? Glofish

That times with fish, or in all animals in area there is a leader of the tank. By your fish are trying to find out who in line of being in charge. There is one other thing, there is a male trying to get the female to mate with them.
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