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I have a blue Gourami that is listless with a bloated belly in water that has a pH of 8.

What do I do?
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Re: I have a blue Gourami that is listless with a bloated belly in water that has a pH of 8.

I suspect internal infection or internal parasites  which are difficult to treat. Medicated food may help if this is an infection. If it's parasites  Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, Seachem and Tetra all make medications to treat either cause.If you do medicate,isolate this fish in its own tank and treat as directed.  for the exact volume of water in the isolation tank. In my experience, you may have a shot at curing this fish if it is still eating.  Once they stop eating, it's unlikely you will effect a cure.

I'm not saying your pH is causing the issue with the gourami, however a pH of 8 is high for all but the most alkaline-loving fish (African Rift Lake Cichlids, Mollies, Monos, Scats,  and Marine fish). Most Gouramis prefer soft acidic water or at least water closer to neutral with 7.4 being about the highest.  If you can't  provide water with a more moderate pH, I would focus on fish that enjoy the water you have.  

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Re: I have a blue Gourami that is listless with a bloated belly in water that has a pH of 8.

Hi, Fishsticks. We're sorry to hear your Gourami isn't doing so well. We would advise seeking out the help of a local vet.  You can visit the association of reptile and amphibian vets and use the 'find a vet' function www.arav.org, if you aren't sure how to locate a reptile vet in your area. We wish you and your Gourami all the best! 

-Tiffany W.

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