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I went to petco on 8/15 and bought $115 worth of fish supplies (10g tank, 10-20g filter, heater, conditioner, healthy bacteria, gravel, an ornament, and two plants) I set the tank up for the fish and ran the tank for 2 days (the petco worker said one day would be fine then come back to get the fish) when I went to petco they didn't have the shrimp that I wanted (I explained to the worker I wanted goldfish and a shrimp) so I went to petsmart which they didn't have it either but the man there told me that I needed water conditioner and healthy bacteria put into the tank and let it cycle for 2-3 days. After I had bought that I put the correct amount in the water and waited. I went back to petco and explained I had a 10g tank with a filter and everything and wanted just goldfish since they didn't have the shrimp (I was also later told I wouldn't have been able to get the shrimp I wanted anyways because there was no algae they could eat in my new tank) So a nice woman helped me out and I got 4 goldfish. I went home and put them in the tank and overnight it got extremely cloudy and murky which I looked up and it said it was natural. So I waited more and finally decided to call once one of my goldfish died out of the blue. While on the phone with a worker he explained that the water is usually murky at first but since I had 4 (now 3) goldfish in it that it wouldn't get clear and that my water is toxic. He said that one goldfish needs 29 gallons of water to live comfortably and that even 2 goldfish in a 10g tank is not right. I asked if I could return the goldfish and he said no because the warranty is no longer up due to my fish being in the condition they are in. I'm wondering what to do next because I was told goldfish would be fine in a 10 gallon tank and I can't take them back now.
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Re: Goldfish

Hi RileyAriana


Welcome to the community, I'm sorry to hear about the situation with your new gold fish . Can you please send the text of your post along with your name, phone number and the store location including state to so we can look into this further and have the store leader reach out to your directly? Thank you for sharing, we hope to get the opportunity to try and makes things right. 



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Re: Goldfish

Most of the people at pet shops don't know much about fishes. You can't just throw a fish in a day or even a few days after setting your tank up.

You need to cycle the aquarium for at least a few weeks before putting fish in.

Please check the following link

Also goldfishes should be in a larger tank than 10gallons. Reading that you wanted shrimp in your tank as well. Take a look at this link.

Many people don't know keeping freshwater shrimp is a thing lol. They also don't know there's tons of colors as well (blue, red, yellow, orange, green, black/white, etc.)
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Re: Goldfish

I wish I would've done research before hand. It's a bummer that you can't rely on people that work at a pet place. I am thinking of selling the fish to someone that has the proper equipment and can take care of them that way I can get smaller fish that only need a 1-10 gallon tank.
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Re: Goldfish

Try looking on Facebook for fishkeeping groups in your area, I'm sure you'll have no problem finding your goldfish a new home. Smiley Happy

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Re: Goldfish

Ok this is what I can tell you. You are overstocked. Now don't panic. You can get a new tank on eBay or creigs list cheaper. I just scored a 55 gallon tank and stand on the Facebook market place for less than 100.00 bucks. Walmart has a 55 gallon tank with starter kit for 179.00 all day long if your desperate. at min goldfish need 20 gallons per goldfish so at min. I would get a 55 it will be just enough. Also make sure you have a good air pump AT LEAST A 4.5W and good quality air stone. don't forget the check valve its cents and will keep your water in the tank and not on the floor using an air pump. Goldfish are known to get swim bladder the best way to keep this from happening is to get them SINKING FOOD. If you do not you run the risk of them gulping air when feeding they will swim funny and die if not resolved. frozen peas defrosted and peeled are a good treatment for this condition. there is a medication for ammonia in your tank as well this is something I would get right away. As far as your filtration you need a filter that can do x10 filtration. So what that means if I have a 10 gallon tank I want my filter to filter 100 gallons per hour. invest in a heater as well fancies need a temp of 68 to 74 degrees. Something to remember these little guys can live for 20 years in good conditions. Last do not buy anymore fish for your bigger tank goldfish get huge and you will have tis problem again if even only adding one more fish resist and educate before owning a pet. one love
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