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Full grown angel fish

How big of an aquarium should I have for a full grown angel fish? I have had him for about 3 years and he's about 5-6 inches from nose to tail and about 3-4 inches from the top to the bottom of his body. Then of course, the fancy fins they have on top and bottom. Thank you!
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Re: Full grown angel fish

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Hi,  JennieTaylorWelcome to the Petco Community and thank you for your question. According to our Angels care sheet, they need a minimum aquarium of 29-gallons. We hope this helps. Best wishes! 

-Tiffany W. 

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Re: Full grown angel fish

You'd be able to comfortably house one in a 29 gallon tank. Personally I like the 40 gallon tank for its dimensions, its the tank I recommend for someone that wants to have a main display tank without it being to large.and I'm sure your angel would love a 40 Smiley Happy

But yes, at bare minimum the 29 gallon would be fine.
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Re: Full grown angel fish

I recommend 55gallons at adult size
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