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Corydoras Catfish, Bare bottom substrate

Has anyone considered or have experience keeping them in a tank with no substrate whatsoever. Do you they have any negative effects?

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Re: Corydoras Catfish, Bare bottom substrate

How would you do in an empty room? I go nuts in about a day without at least a book.

They are regarded as easy care, but how many people do you know that have had a good school of them for any length of time? I suggest studying up on their natural requirements and trying to approximate that rather than keeping them in a clinical sterile setting.

Holding tanks or breeding or fry-raising tanks are one thing, For the long term, smooth sand is best. Coarse gravel is not easy for they to feed in, and rough substrate can damage their barbels. Bigger groups are better than smaller groups. All one species is better than a random mix. They like to poke through sediment (think flooded forest floor) so dry oak or beech foliage in their tank is much appreciated. Even some boiled peat fiber squeezed out.

They often die (I suspect) from intragroup aggression (more individuals will prevent this from happening) and from lack of a good varied diet or simply not enough food because more aggressive top feeders eat everything first. Feed flake food you have soaked and target feed, squirting it down where they are with a food bulb, they should also have bloodworms, black worms, or clean tubifex, small Mysis shrimp, sinking shrimp pellets, spirulina wafers and occasional brine shrimp.

Good luck!

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Re: Corydoras Catfish, Bare bottom substrate

Thank you for your input. I am simply curious is anyone has had any experience with that type of setting


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Re: Corydoras Catfish, Bare bottom substrate

Barebottom tank is ok for corys but I wouldn't recommend it since they won't be able to sift through sand which is there natural behavior. In the long run corys would do best with a fine sand substrate, They'll exhibit natural behavior as well as feel more secure. I've heard that if its barebottom that the corys can develop a type of infection but I'd have to research more to confirm it.
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