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Betta help

I keep trying with bettas and they all keep dying. What am I doing wrong? 10 gallon tank not in sunlight, a heater at 78 and thermometer to make sure, nice decorations and substrate, a light on/off for about 12 hours a day, biweekly 50 percent changes with water conditioner and making sure it's the same temp, 2-3 pellets a day. My past two fish have lasted about 6 months and both ended the same way. Swimming erratically, wide eyed, fins degrading, sinking, and then slumped and dead. People keep their fish in tiny, filthy containers and they live forever and I try to take good care of mine and they do this. I'm on my third Betta now and don't want to be heartbroken again. What am I doing wrong?
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Re: Betta help

Well, I feel like a 10 gallon is too much for a single betta. Unless you're having a separator to divide between 2 male bettas...but never came to a point of separating a betta in a 10 gallon tank. I prefer for you to get a 1 gallon - 0.7, I had my betta fish in a 1 gallon tank, but he was moved to a 0.7 gallon fish tank for multiple reasons; and he is doing just fine. In fact on February is gonna be 1 year since I had him...so what I think its maybe too much water for a fish...but unsure. Also, it might be the water that needs to be replaced for often. Don't change it every 2 week and remove 50% of the water. What I do is I change the water every week and remove all the water. I prefer doing it because its hygienic for the fish, and the tank will be clean as well as some bacterias. A thermometer is optional, but what you can do is, while changing the water try to put warm water in it so it can be kept warm. I don't feel like you need lights I think that is another optional supply because I don't put my betta lights in general. Going on to decoration, I think that you are maybe putting too much decor and that is probably what is stressing it. These are just some of the possibilities I can think of, but you should let the store know that you keep on buying fish from them and they die in a matter of time. Maybe its the breeder which the pet store gets their fish from..
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Re: Betta help

Sounds like your aquarium fully cycled?

With just one betta you shouldn't need to change water that often. You could probably go a whole month and your tank would be fine.

Check out this guide http://www.fishtanksetups.com/how-to-setup-your-first-aquarium/
Scroll down to the nitrogen cycle, hope it helps Smiley Happy
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