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aggressive ferret

hi! I live in Romania and I have a pet ferret. When i bought him he was already about one year old and he grew up in a pet shop(the people there didn't take the time to raise them properly) in another city. When he got to me, i couldn't touch him without gloves and he still managed to bite us. Now it has been one year since i have him and he still behaves pretty much the same. I tried to punish him in all the ways i could think of and tried to find a trainer, but i didn't have any luck because nobody ever had to work with one before. I got lucky and found a vet who treated two ferrets from a circus once, but that's all. If anyone could give me a piece of advice, please do because there's nothing that i can think of and i know they are not supposed to be aggressive. Thankyou

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I have 5 ferrets @ home, & 2 of the 5 came to me aggressive. They were both young, & had been in petstores before coming to me also. I found that the aggression came from their fear, so they would bite to be let down to get away. After I figured that out, instead of putting them down right away when they would bite, I would comtinue to hold them gently, and talk quietly to them while I would pet them. Make them tollerate you for just a minute or 2, & extend the time a little each time as the begin to get used to it. Soon they will no longer associate biting with their freedom from you. I realize it's not always easy to keep hold of a squirming ferret, so the best way I found to hold them & keep us both safe was to scruff them by the back of the neck skin.
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RE: aggressive ferret

thanks! I'll try that as soon as i get a chance and try to be consistent. Thank you so much for the idea ! 
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RE: aggressive ferret

I volunteered for a ferret rescue for 7 years and found that if you give positive reinforcement to a aggressive ferret they are more likely to come around. I used Ferretone. I had a very aggressive ferret. She was 10 wks old and mortified of people. When I let her out to play she had her own space. I would go sit in her space and talk to her for a while and then give her more time to play without interuption. I did that for about a week. Then I introduced Ferretone. She had her own bottle. She would lick from the cap. Then after a couple days of getting it from the cap, I would offer it in the palm of my hand. Then when I would pick her up to put her back in her home and giver her some more. This shows them that YOU are a positive thing. Then I would lay her on her back, put a couple drops on her belly. While she was licking it off I would rub her ears, "this is calming to ALL animals", play with her feet, rub her neck, legs etc. All this is positive for your fuzzy. Never hit, thump, flick, your ferret. The simple tone change in your voice is enough to get their attention. Call them by their name when scolding. Give then cute nick names when they are out playing a running around, they can tell the difference in a happy tone and a oops I'm in trouble tone. Ferretone should be given by drops...2 or 3. Eventually you will be able to put ferretone on their bellies and be able to clip their toe nails with ease. You may even be able to clean their ears as well.
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RE: aggressive ferret

That is an awesome suggestion. I will try that at work when it is the next time to cut their nails. I agree that they know the difference in the tone of your voice. We play with the ferrets in the morning before the store opens. When it is time for me to clean their cage they still think I'm playing with them and they nip. I pick the one up that did the nipping and tell it sternly "no", but I don't yell at it. They get the message and they go play with the other ferrets until I am done.
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RE: aggressive ferret

in alot of ferret personalities they are aggresive so punishing them will not help if it is in their nature becuase that gives them a reason to be scared of u
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