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Re: Rehoming 2 male ferrets

Ferrets can be a handful and the two males I have are very playful but can nip children. They're not fully litter trained and will have accidents outside their designated potty spots. Like wisemagic said they are very curious and do get into everything especially Taco who steals everything and hides it under the couch Smiley Tongue. I actually already found a home for my two babies. My coworker agreed to take them in as she already has a ferret of her own and has experience in taking care of ferrets so that at least makes me less worried. And at least I'll get pictures and updates Smiley Very Happy
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Re: Rehoming 2 male ferrets

Thank you for sharing an update Angelika7x, I'm happy to hear that they found a home. Also wonderful that you're able to stay updated on their well-being from their new pet parent. 


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