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Please post me a answer!!!

Hi,i really want a ferret but every time i ask my mom for another pet she come up with some other things to talk about it!

WE already have 3 dogs and 1 cat! I take very good care of them so i dont know why she says no!?Any i still get allowence snd ill pay for every thing! PLease give me some answers!!!I need help!!!I want a ferret!


Re: Please post me a answer!!!

That's quite a lot of animals! I know you said you would pay for everything but ferrets are not cheap!


Ferrets from pet stores can cost around $140, supplies are usually around another $100-150, and a decent cage is around $200. Do you have that kind of money saved up?
Are you willing to earn money to pay for vet bills? It costs me $40 just to walk in the door at my vet, shots are another $25 each. A surgery for a blockage can easily cost $1,000. Who is going to pay for that? 


Usually, the parents end up footing the bill for animal care. Since you already have 3 dogs and cat, I can see why they would be unwilling to get another animal.


That said, I would research ferret care and read ferret care books. Learn as much as you can. I don't know how old you are, but if you are old enough, get a job and open a savings account. Save up at least $1,000 to start. Show your parents that you are serious. Then, approach them again. They might surprise you and say yes. Remember though, if they say no, you have to respect that.

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Re: Please post me a answer!!!

Well,i get 5$ a week for allowence,and my grandparents said they would give me 25$ every 2 weeks when school get out!And i told my parents that if i have a rodent i would pay for half the vet bills and they would pay for the other half!And your right,thats alot of animals but we use coupons so we dont have to pay the full price and since we have a cat we get cat food coupons and that really take alot of money off!!!!I know its kind of weird. Any one else have any tips.....thanks alot whiskandbowl!!!Smiley Very Happy


Re: Please post me a answer!!!

That's great that your grandparents are so generous!


I forgot to include this in my first post. but here are some books and websites for further reading:

Ferrets for Dummies by Kim Schilling

Ferrets by Vickie McKimmey (Animal Planet series)







Re: Please post me a answer!!!

Not to mention that ferrets need 3-4 hours outside of their cage a day, and they are just as inventive as cats; they often get themselves into trouble.  Keep in mind that your dogs and cat may try to harm the ferret.

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Re: Please post me a answer!!!

Hi , ferrets are awesome you need get one. I have two ferrets for now Smiley Happy

Also good blog about ferrets that you can check is Friendly Ferret

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