Marshall ferrets/ferret instinct

Does Marshall raise ferrets going to pet stores differently than ones being used for research? Could more wild ones be sent to pet store? I am the person trying to figure out if my young male ferret killed my young female. The first 5 ferrets l bought I got from Pet World. Male and female, baby and older,  all were playful and sweet. They all got along great. I have three of the large two story cages and keep a male and female in each. When I wanted a playmate for my female kit I found a beautiful silver panda at Petco. I was happy and so was my little female. But this ferret was different. They had to be separated often for rough play. I know the male loved the female but he has a killer instinct my other ferrets lack. My little female died and my little male seemed like the reason. He is lonely now and I was watching him while he played with my teenage male. They played nice for 20 minutes and then I noticed my three months old ferret bite my older, larger males cheek very aggressively! I had a hard time making him let go. I am afraid to put another ferret with him but feel bad that he is so lonely. I'm trying to help him learn to play nice with the others but am afraid the natural instincts he has are too wild to be tamed! Help!

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I have one male ferret currently living with me named Louis but I've had a total of 5 ferrets living with me at one point. Louis doesn't really care about other ferrets and from my (limited) experience with male ferrets, they aren't as invested in other ferrets unlike female ferrets.

Instead of pairing your aggressive male with a ferret or leaving it alone, I would suggest you keep him out of a cage altogether and see how he does. All animals can become aggressive when they feel confined.

Louis actually has access to our 4 bedroom house (with the exception of the master bedroom) 12 hours a day and and the other twelve he stays in my room. Because we have a lot of trust and respect between us, he's mimicked my behavior. He tends to poop/pee on the server pads I lay next to all the toilets and he tends to prefer being in whatever room I'm in. If the weather is nice, I'll even let him out in the yard unsupervised. When I call him, he'll come within my my range of sight and stare at me until I notice him.

Ferrets will give you as much respect as you give them. I'm pretty sure your little guy went through some trauma before you got him. Just like humans that go through trauma, he needs to feel safe and in control. If you can't let him run around freely for whatever reason, I recommend keeping him in the bathroom instead of a cage and maybe have him sleep in your bed and put a harness with a bell so when he needs to use the bathroom, you can escort him to where he needs to go. Louis and I have a similar system when he stay at hotels. Sometimes I'll sleep on my back with my arms folded and he'll sleep on my chest.

Petco is probably the worst place to get ferrets. I got Louis from Petco but only because the first time I saw him I said "he's so cute but I wish his coat was darker" then after coming back a few times, he would immediately scratch at the glass whenever I walked through the door and he went from cinnamon to a dark sable. Idk how he does stuff like that but I had to get him and he was so scared to be outside that when I first got him I had trouble bringing him home because he'd freak out if he was anywhere other than zipped up inside my jacket with just his head sticking out at the top. He had trouble with open spaces and he was very sensitive to noise because he was stuck in a tiny glass tank for months. He also got one of our other ferrets sick and my ex's first ferret almost died from some illness when she first got her. Last I heard she had adrenal disease at around 5 years old. Another ferret I fostered that also came from Petco seemed to have hip problems because his hind legs seemed to fall to the left all the time which looked incredibly cute until you stop and realize how inbred he must be to have problems like that. I wouldn't be surprised if your ferret was left without food and had to compete with its siblings to survive shortly after birth. Pet mills are notorious for leaving dead mothers with their babies until someone maybe notices and does something.

Best of luck with resocializing your ferret. It's not impossible but you'll need a lot of patience and trust. As long as you believe in him, he'll get there.

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Wise magic replied with link to utube video of Marshall's ferret-mill. Warning, it's horrible! I have too many pets of various species to let him be out of cage unsupervised (dogs, cats, guinea pigs and lop eared rabbit besides the ferrets). And all of my ferrets are a bit wild when first let out but quickly begin playing and calm down. We have 5 ferrets and all their names begin with L. We started with Liam, a champagne, and Leila, a dark sable. Then came Lola, a red eyed albino. Next London, a cinnamon Siamese, she is my baby I lost. Lucas, a chocolate Siamese, was next. Then came the cutest, fuzziest silver panda. The first five were from Pet World and the last from Petco. As soon as we got home we wanted to play with him. My daughter took out a cat toy wand. He was a silver streak! I have never seen any animal run as fast, it was almost scary! We couldn't decide on a name for him. I liked Levi and my daughter liked Lance, but we tried Lincoln and Linus. None of them seemed right. He is Lobo and lives up to his name! (My mistake! Lucas before London.)


Re: Marshall ferrets/ferret instinct

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