Is there a best ferret cage mate?

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I have a 4 month old male ferret that can be more aggressive. For the most part he is loving and playful but moves faster and seems to have more natural instinct. He is also very large! At 4 months he is the same size as my large male and has become bigger than my other male. I currently have two large top and bottom cages with a male and female in each. My third large cage has just my young male and he is longing for a playmate. Would another male that's more his adult size be better or a female? The same age or older and more able to fend off the young one? I don't want him to be lonely but I want all ferrets safe. I have wondered if females get hurt by the males play since they are so much bigger. For the most part I can have all of my ferrets together and they all get along. I worry more about them when they are unsupervised in their cages. The females I have seem bonded to their male cage mates but they are small. My two females have never been hurt and don't make "help! I'm getting hurt" noises but I have had a little female die. I'm not sure about the reason but it devistated me! I can't have it happen ever again. It's hard for any pet to die but my first ferret loss was a wonderful baby. I'm hoping to have my heart heal and my little male happy and his cage mate safe. I'm hoping to minimize risks.

He thinks he's too big for the hammock!He thinks he's too big for the hammock!He is so cute but so wild!He is so cute but so wild!


Re: Is there a best ferret cage mate?

Ferret Nation 182, and you can add on the 183 expansions as needed.

I have the Ferret Nation 182, but never use it. My bunch free roams. But if you need to cage them, Ferret Nation cages are some of the best.


Re: Is there a best ferret cage mate?

Thanks but I have three that already have top (expansion) and bottom. I'm asking more about ferret interaction. Do ferrets like opposite sex as cage mate or is same sex okay? Even if their play seems rough to me, is the male aware that the female is half his size? My sister let hers roam but the one little female wasn't litter trained very well and left "presents" everywhere! She had to move furniture to get some of them! For me, I prefer caged unless supervised. I'm disabled and don't work outside my home and let mine out as much as possible. Yours must have a good life! Too many different species in mine but I do have a ferret room. How are your new females adjusting? Assuming you got them this past weekend.


Re: Is there a best ferret cage mate?

I don't think it matters much, ..... as long as they get along. Ferrets are pretty social. I call mine a bunch of "Socialists". They all pile up together and sleep, and at other times, they all have a favorite place to go. Oliver, my oldest, has a place that he likes more than the others do. He does nap by himself a good bit.

I have only had ferrets for about 4-5 years. I use to cage them anytime no one was home, but always let them run free as long as some one was home. It finally got to a point that they would be asleep, and I'd take a chance to run to the store or something. Most things were already ferret proofed any way. And as time went on, I didn't bother to cage them at all. They seem to have become more docile and not as hyper as when I would first let them out of the cage.

We moved into our new house in January. I let them roam, and they quickly showed me where to put the litter box.....lol. By going along with a spot that they had decided on, it wasn't much of a problem keeping them going in that spot. There were accidents, and this place is a lot bigger, so some times they came up a little short in there trek to get to the litter box, but that hasn't been a big problem. They've been doing a lot better.

When we brought Banjo, the youngest one, ..... he just sort of took up on what the others were doing. He was about 2 months old when we got him. He's 6-7 months now. He has never been caged since we got him. A blender or getting ice from the fridge spookes him. He's gone in a flash..... so comical.

I have to admit that the closet in my room is a cluster of old cloths and worn out shoes. I'm almost as much of a pack rat as these guys are..... but they love it in there. If I haven't seen one for a few hours, you can bet he's curled up under some old jeans and t-shirts.....Smiley Happy

My time frame on getting the new females was wrong. My daughter sets all this stuff up. I just reap the rewards, and I'm also the the treat master. They know I'm a soft touch for a treat. We are actually going to get them this Saturday. We do still have the cage if there are any conflicts. But I'm thinking my boys are a pretty good bunch and hoping for the best.

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Re: Is there a best ferret cage mate?

Hey to answer your question about aggression between male-male and male-female, sex matters very little and you should really go by their personality and paws. My ex had this female named Ami and she loved to just sit on my should and go outside and she'd even hang on while I biked through NYC traffic all because her paw had a lot of dexterity and muscle even though she was super tiny. She's one of the smallest ferrets I've ever seen. We taught her to hunt crickets even though she didn't have an overly aggressive personality. She was very protective of Mina, the eldest female (very spiteful with everyone except my ex and Ami). Ami the kind of ferret who was super curious and had escaped outside every apartment I had ever lived in with her and then suddenly realized she'd made a terrible mistake when she couldn't go back the way she came and if she was ever separated from Mona for more than 24 hours, she would go looking for Mina. If she ever got into a fight with another ferret, she wouldn't be the one to start it, but she'd certainly end it.

Louis on the other hand, didn't really show an interest in the other ferrets despite one of the female fetrets taking an interest in him. He bonded to me and there was a weekend where I rescued a dog and this dog was super cuddly and Louis got so jealous and started sleeping on the bed with me and the dog even though he never sleeps next to me unless we're in a hotel.

I sidetracked a bit but aggression is definitely not specific to males or females and there's definitely some ferrets who don't care if they have a companion or not. Some like Louis prefer humans and some like Ami will bond with a specific ferret.

Re: Is there a best ferret cage mate?

FuzzLover, we went and picked up the two "Girls", Jill & Ginger.....lol Turned out "Ginger" is a boy Smiley Happy

So, that's not a big deal and we've decided that we have Jack and Jill....lol... and both are around 2 years old.

Turned them lose in the house and the exploring was on. My 3 boys were asleep but started getting up and checking out the new arrivals. No major hassles. Jazzy and Jack seem to be a pair right off. Both about the same age. Jill got a little overwhelmed and we picked her up and loved on her. She's a quick little thing and checks everything out. But other than that, nothing major. 

I'm on vacation until Thursday, and my daughter is on vacation all next week, so we'll supervise a good bit over the next week, but not seeing any problems to alarm me. 

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