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How Do I Get My Baby Ferret To Stop Biting

How do I get my baby ferret to stop biting me. He lachs down on my finger its hard to get him to let go

Here is a pic of Bear



Re: How Do I Get My Baby Ferret To Stop Biting

Hi key29grl! Welcome to Pet Talk Place.

Bear is one super cute fellow! Thank you for sharing this photo.

I remember reading one similar discussion thread that's related to your concern. I located it for you. Please click the link below and see if it helps. Smiley Happy



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Re: How Do I Get My Baby Ferret To Stop Biting

Thank you. I also tried giving him other stuff to bite on that's not me. I tell him no he stops but starts up again. Time out don't do any good because he loves his case 


Re: How Do I Get My Baby Ferret To Stop Biting

-Baby ferrets are very playful. Try giving him some alone time in a ferret-proofed room to blow off steam before playing with him.

-Do not use your hands to play. Use a stuffed toy.

-When the ferret bites, gently grasp him by the scruff of the neck (and say "NO!) and he should let go. Hold him until he yawns, then release.

-Some people have had good luck using bitter apple spray on their hands. I haven't had much luck with it.

-Never hit your ferret for biting, or flick him in the face.

I hope this helps
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Re: How Do I Get My Baby Ferret To Stop Biting

I am using the bitter spray now he smells my hand and feet to see if I have it on me before trying to bite the spray doesn't work too good. I been grabbing him by the back of the neck when he bites but sometimes he won't release and my friend has to get him to let go he bites down harder. I tell him no when he bites then give him a toy he can bite on instead. Could he also be teething at all? He grab the dogs teething toy and chews on it 


Re: How Do I Get My Baby Ferret To Stop Biting

He looks around 8 week old in that picture...am I close? LOL

If he doesn't release, try pushing back into his mouth. They usually don't like that sensation and will try to "spit" you back out.

Keep at it. If he is a baby, he's still learning. It will be frustrating at first but if you keep with it, he will grow out of the nippy stage and won't bite.
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Re: How Do I Get My Baby Ferret To Stop Biting

The pet store said he is 10 weeks but he was the smallest one out of all of them. I gave him a cat toy to play with instead of me but now he decided he wants to bite toes instead of fingers today. Now he won't walk very far from me he keeps looking where I am at every few mintues just stays in my bedroom with me. I give him the bedroom, hallway and living room to play in but if I don't leave the room he won't leave. My female just goes lays with my baby stay with her now my other male its hard to keep up with

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Re: How Do I Get My Baby Ferret To Stop Biting

ferrets play different from a cat or dog , i honestly will tell you that your ferret will probably never stop biting you , because thats his way of saying play with me! when ferrets play with each other they get rough because they have loose skin, so they assume we can take it because they can, like other ppl have said use a toy instead of your hands, but when he wants to play he may bite or nibble on your toes to get ur attention, even though it can get annoying and painful he just wants ur love, bitter apple never works, so i think its adorable that he follows u around its very sweet

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