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I'm thinking about getting a ferret is there I should now before I buy one
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Hi guineapigqueen


I'm excited to hear that you're interested in getting a ferret! Here are some tribal knowledge base articles from the community that may be helpful: ferret care sheet, ferret behavior and Start Small What's the Best First Pet for Your Child. Ferrets require large, multi-level habitats with ample space for play and exploration. They need hammocks or small spaces to sleep in, tubes or balls to exercise in and opportunities to climb and stretch. Ferrets can live up to eight years with proper care. They can have a slightly musky odor, but their scent glands can be removed and regular baths help them smell fresh and clean. The joyful antics and escapades of a ferret can easily entertain the entire family. If you decide to get one, please come back and share a photo and update! 


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