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We live in Alaska, our male Siberian husky is not afraid of moose or bears but this evening was terrified of cooked lamb. He took one whiff and began pacing, runnung under the bed, tryong to jump in my lap and refused to eat or drink. I took him for a walk and he wanted to stay in my truck, I had to get him out and he refused after smelling my hair which probably stilled smelled of lamb. I washed the carpet, bleached the kitchne floor and washed everything and my hair and it was a stuggle to get him back inside, he is now on my bed breathing heavily. I read that one possoible reason is that lamb emits certain chemicals and these chemicals may release stress /anixety triggers inside the canin brain. I thought he was simply neurotic but I read many people have expereinced this with their dogs. I suggest don't cook lamb if you don't know if it will make them scared because it is not worth the 5 hour sturggle and the dog's illogical fear.

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