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My husband and I are new to the Statesboro area and our 9 year old German Shepherd needed grooming and nails trimmed. My dog has been going to a groomer since he was 5 weeks old and never had a negative experience. We trusted Petco would take good care of our dog however that was far from expected. I took my dog out to our vehicle while my husband waited in a very slow line to pay the bill. I noticed my dog was behaving very stressed so attempted to soothe him. While doing so I noticed a substantial amount of blood on the back seat. I took my dog back in Petco and brought it to staff's attention. They were slow in resolving the issue and one employee actually scolded my dog for moving. I asked if I needed to take him to a Vet and was told no. My dog's toe nails look horrific. Some haven't been touched, others look mangled then the bleeding came from those that were cut to the skin. I called the store as soon as I got home with my dog. Asked to speak with the manager, was told I was speaking with the manager and his name is Gerrick Muse. I proceeded to ask if he was the store manager and he stated he was not and that persons name is Kaitlin Thompson however she can't be reached until Saturday or Sunday. I asked for the name of the District Manager and was told that's confidential. I'm not a fool. I worked in the legal system for over 20 years and my husband recently retired from the military of 26 years as a Disabled Combat Veteran. I expressed my obvious concerns to "Gerrick" and he stated I should have requested to speak with a manager so we wouldn't have to pay the bill. I told "Gerrick" my dog was bleeding and in pain therefore the last thing I was thinking about was the bill! It's not about the money, it's about the maltreatment of my dog. I'm horrified by "Gerrick's" lack of empathy and his nonchalant attitude regarding this matter. At one point during our conversation, he actually giggled. I will post my complaint about this Petco to anyone who will listen. What happened to my dog today is irresponsible, unprofessional and cruel.
Joy BaileyBleeding from cutting my dogBleeding from cutting my dogMy dog in pain from being cut by petco staffMy dog in pain from being cut by petco staff

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Hi nogood


Thank you for bringing this to our attention, can you please your phone number to so we can look into this further and have someone reach out to directly? In the meantime, I've sent this information to our escalations team and store leaders for handling. 




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Re: Petco statesboro ga

I have spoken with the escalation team and waiting for a return call. Thank you for responding.

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