My dog wont poop outside

I just adopted a 10 month old dog a few days ago. He will not poop outside. He will pee but thats it. No matter how long we are out for he will come in and go on the floor. Ive even tried cleaning it up and moving it outside so he can see where to go. When I caught him starting to go in the house I put him outside and he stopped. I waited and waited but he wouldnt finish going. he didnt go the rest of the night until we all went to sleep and then he went in the living room. how do I fix this

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RE: My dog wont poop outside

Do you think that there is something the dog is afraid of outside? Perhaps something outside is spooking him. You could try getting him to poop on something specific in the house (a pee pad, for example), and then moving that thing outside. 
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RE: My dog wont poop outside

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You've only had him a few days, it will take him a while to unlearn this behavior.

    Do you crate him? I'm not fond of crates but I know dogs usually will not eliminate in one if they can help it, so maybe as a training tool at night.

Take him out every two hours on leash and walk him to the area you want him to use.  Walk him to areas such as dog parks where other dogs have eliminated let him pick up the scent.

  Stay out with him at least twenty minutes, an hour long walk would be best ten minutes after he's eaten. Take him out first thing in the morning and again after eating and at bedtime those are the most likely times for a bowel movement.

 Someone has allowed him to do this unfortunately or he may be nervous in a new home and all, some dogs don't like to go too close to the house.

  When he finally finds a good spot praise him and give him a nice treat,  keep returning to that location, they like to go in the same place if possible, once you have a nice routine going you can try other spots. 

Don't forget to carry bags and pick up or you'll have problems with your neighbors.  Give it time, let us know what works.

    When you catch him going in the house, say NO and take him outside like you've been doing.

ETA: Walking,running,playing activity will stimulate him to have a bowel movement. Maybe a game of catch would relax him, keep him moving!

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RE: My dog wont poop outside

Another thought, you may have to take a day trip with him! Stay out all day or at least four hours walk, walk and walk till he goes,  then praise him profusely and give him a treat he'll remember. I bet if you did this three or four days in a row he'll get the idea! You may have to set aside at least a week or two,  be consistent and make training him a priority, it usually takes a dog a good month to adjust to a new home, at 10 months he's still a pup so he should be receptive.
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RE: My dog wont poop outside

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