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Moving, need help

Hello everyone!

So I am going to be moving in July to a full-time position within PetCo and have been a bit stressed in how to make sure my animals will be safe on the travel. It will be about nine hours drive up to Wisconsin.

My dog Bandit has not been on a long car ride before and I don't use a crate for her since she is a medium size dog, she does well to sit in the back seats or lay down. I have been looking into getting a harness that can be clicked to the seat belt but have not decided on one yet since money is tight for this move.

I also have five Betta Fish that will be coming with me and I was wondering if I place them into a small-ish container with air holes would they be okay? I know the stress of the move will be nervwracking for them. 


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Re: Moving, need help

Hi Sana. Thank you for your question, and congratulations on your upcoming position! It sounds like you've got all the right ideas for your trip. If your pup is more comfortable in a crate, then that would be the way to go. However, having a seat belt to offer some variety is a great idea! If you are concerned about anxiety, you can always consult with your veterinarian as there are medications available for both nausea (if he may end up being carsick) or anxiety. Regarding your Betta, yes, a small container will be sufficient for travel. You just want to be sure you place him in a secure spot, preferably in the center of the car and on the floor, where there will be the least amount of motion and out of direct sunlight/away from a/c vents. We wish you the best, and good luck! 

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Re: Moving, need help

Yes it would be fine you'll need per-treated water aquarium salt betta water conditioner for the per-treated water and battery operated air pump air stone and tub of course don't forget the food and thermometer to check the water on the way
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Re: Moving, need help


I researched car safety options for my 60-pound pit bull before our first road trip, and selected the Kurgo Black Tru-Fit Crash Tested Dog Car Harness (https://m.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore/product/kurgo-black-tru-fit-smart-enhanced-strength-dual-walk...).

The large size is/was $34.99 at Petco. It is a little big for my dog as far as fit, but the medium size is crash tested for dogs up to 50 pounds, and the large is for up to 75 pounds. The harness is adjustable in multiple places, and all connections are metal -- not plastic.

It comes with a seatbelt tether that is a strong fabric that you wrap around or feed through your car's buckled seatbelt. The tether has a large D-ring that connects to a handle on top/back of the harness. My dog has enough room to stand or sit anywhere in the back seat, but she cannot jump (or be thrown) into the front seat or out of the rear windows (not that the windows are down very far).

The harness may be crash tested at speeds lower than highway limits, but having it protects my dog more than not having it.

Another bonus, which helped me accept the cost, is that the auto harness doubles as a walking harness. There are places to connect a leash to the harness on the dog's back or chest.

This is my first post in this community forum. I did not read the rules as I did not intend to contribute. I included a link to the product page on Petco's website, but I typed out the product name in case links are not allowed.

Note: I adopted my soon-to-be 3 year old pit bull last October. I just adopted a 2 year old pit bull a week ago, and I purchased the same Kurgo Tru-Fit harness for him. We will all be buckled in for car rides!

I'm sorry if this reply is too long. Safety is important, and I wanted to share what I chose for my dog(s) after researching the effectiveness and reliability of the many available options.

I hope this helps!

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