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Is Petco phasing out Wellness?

The Wellness shelves were virtually empty at my local Petco today. What's up?

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Re: Is Petco phasing out Wellness?

Hi Westies. Thank you for your question. Can you please send us a private message with your contact information including phone number and the store location including state so we can look into this further? You can also send your information to facebooksupport@petco.com


Re: Is Petco phasing out Wellness?

I went to my petco and also found that Wellness core reduced fat adult dog food was no longer there, I had asked about it and she couldn't tell me if they were getting more in, she told me to order online, plus Petco also doesn't carry the wet food of the same kind so I have to purchase it at another store. I know I can order online for a case of the wet food but I have chihuahua and I don't like ordering that many. I love Petco and don't like going to P*****rt.


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