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Dogs & A Hedgehog

We have two rescues...a Lab/Cur mix (male, 80lbs) and a Catahoula Leopard Dog/Blue Heeler mix (female, 40lbs.) My daughter wants a small pet for her 12th birthday and we're considering a hedgehog. Our big boy is very obidient and well behaved, but his sister...not so much! She's a good girl but prone to barking at just about anything and quick as lightning. 

Can my two dogs coexist with a small pet (hedgehog, guinea pig, gerbil, rabbit)? Thanks!

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Re: Dogs & A Hedgehog

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Hi Jeepgirl30.


Very exciting that you are looking into a new furry family member for your daughter, welcome to the community! I sent your question to one of Petco's animal care specialists and they shared the following questions and advice to consider:
  • It is possible to have multiple species in the same household, however, we do not recommend allowing small mammals such as a hedgehog, guinea pig, gerbil, or rabbits can never be left unattended around animals that could cause them harm such as dogs, cats, etc. The small mammal should be housed in a safe space, i.e. in an appropriate habitat completely out of reach of your larger animals. As canine or feline family members are often capable of startling a small mammal or breaking open/pulling down a habitat that contains a small mammal, many pet parents will place the small mammal habitat in a dedicated room or play area that a canine or feline companions would never have access to.
  • Are your dogs okay with the smell of small mammals? If they have a high prey drive, they may difficult to handle on leash near the small mammal, paw at the door of the room containing the small mammal, or a wine/bark outside of the room. This may get better over time, but is highly variable based on the specific animal and training in that situation.
  • Petco store is a great place to introduce your dog to the smell of small animals. Once your dog has acclimated and become less excited in the store in general, you can walk closer to the live animal section. You will want to stay a few feet away as an animal jumping on the habitat can be extremely stressful to the small mammals inside, but being a few feet away will help give you a good idea of how they will act in the same airspace when you are at home. 


  I hope this helps, please come back and share an update with us!


Alex Cat LOL

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