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Does your dog stare at you when they poop?

I've noticed some of my dogs do that and my husband told me why. He read an article in, written by Jill Layton, who researched this because her dog, too, stares at her when he poops. 

Apparently, there are many reasons it could be, but the one I found most interesting was that back when dogs lived in the wild, they would look to a pack member to protect them when they were in this most vulnerable position. 

Today, they must feel just as vulnerable and who better to look to for protection than their mom or dad? However, they might also be looking for a treat, because they've been a good dog and gone potty outside or enjoy the bonding experience of making mutual eye contact with you, which studies have shown produces endorphins like a mother and child bonding does. 

If none of these apply, your dog may just be saying, "Hey, can I get some privacy here?" :-)

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Re: Does your dog stare at you when they poop?

This is interesting. Only one of my dogs does this. With him, it's probably all about him wanting his treat. My other dog doesn't stare, but I just asked a question in the forum about why she runs in circles before going potty.
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Re: Does your dog stare at you when they poop?

I've noticed there isn't a feline counterpart to this story! No self-respecting cat would "go" with someone watching, let alone "staring"! Cats also usually "cover up" to keep things looking and smelling clean.

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