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Petco, Say It Isn't True about Phasing Out Fancy Feast Classic!

When I visited my local Petco in NYC yesterday, there were very few Fancy Feast can of the "Classic" variety. These are my cats' favorites. There are a paste which they much prefer to Grilled, Sliced, Squares ... what have you?


When I asked an employee what's going on, he said that the Classic flavors are being phased out in favor of the classier (more expensive) items like the Medley's and the Breakfasts and such.


My cats will be so disappointed. Raise the price if you feel you must, but please keep available the "Classic" Fancy Feast. My cats have been raised on them. They turn their noses up at the Gravies, the Chunkies ... all others.


Anyone else feel the same?

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Re: Petco, Say It Isn't True about Phasing Out Fancy Feast Classic!

I can sympathize.  I have a dog with severe food intolerance.  Her internal medicine vet and I have spent  a lot of time, money and hospitalization trying to find a food that her GI system will agree with.  I am unable to afford a prescription diet long term as she is a large breed dog.  So she finally responded to Iams.  Well now Iams is being weeded out from Petco.  I did try the more expensive "all natural - equivalent" and she ended up in the hospital within 48 hours.  I completely understand and support Petco wanting to supply the "natural products", but not everyone is going to be able to afford the products and not all pets will take to them either.

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