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can you order on-line and pick up at the store?

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Re: can you order on-line and pick up at the store?

Hi shades of grey. Thank you for your inquiry. We don't have that option available unfortunately but you can order here at and have what you needed shipped straight to your home. You can also order someting from Instacart and have it delivered same day from your local store: We hope that helps! Smiley Happy

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Re: can you order on-line and pick up at the store?

I agree about Petco. I don't drive and I order everything I need for Lulu online and it is delivered right to my door.
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Re: can you order on-line and pick up at the store?

Petco needs to get it together. Petsmart has had this for a long time. Petco is just closer to my house.

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InstacRe: can you order on-line and pick up at the store?

But, Instacart delivery isn't available to all areas, so that doesn't help.  If it's delivery only, then other sites offer lower prices and faster delivery than Petco.  And Petsmart offers store pick-up.  If Petco wants to be competitive in the pet products area, they need to review what they offer to online consumers.

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