Silver Point Siamese Needs a New Home

We have a 6 year old male silverpoint siamese that we are unable to bring with us.  We are moving to Virginia and we are not able to take him.  He acts more like a dog than a cat and is extremely friendly to people, dogs, and other cats.  He is gorgeous!
We had a home for him, but our friends bailed out at the last minute as they have two cats already.
We must find a loving home quickly!
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RE: Silver Point Siamese Needs a New Home

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6 years old is not a kitten (what most people want), so why not contact a shelter or local animal control and make a donation so that they can get the cat fixed and up to date on shots and take the time to screen people to make sure the cat has a good chance of finding a home that will last for the rest of his life, you are aware that sometimes medical research labs and dog fighting operations look for free animals on the internet etc to be used for experimentation and bait.

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