Our cat is urinating on our bed

Hello all,  just need guidance on one of our fur babies.  His name is Squishy, he is a 4 year old male mix that we got from the local ASPCA.  We have another cat, Zouga, which is 3 years old, a year before, another rescue kitty.  When we brought Squishy home, Zouga was not having it.  It took some time, but they coexsist now, with ocassional flare ups.  Lately, Squishy has been urinating on some things (I.E. rug under a bench and recently a blanket we have on our bed.  Any suggestions on how to combat this?  

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Re: Our cat is urinating on our bed

Hi MOCatdaddy


Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing your question! I'm sorry to hear that one of your cat's has started going to the bathroom outside of their litter box. It's recommended that there be one litter box per cat in the house hold. I've gone ahead and sent this to one of Petco's animal care specialist for more advice and will check back in as soon as an update is available. In the meantime you may want to check out this article: Top Five Reasons Your Cat is Avoiding Their Litterbox


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Re: Our cat is urinating on our bed

First thing, take him to the vet to rule out a health issue. From there, the vet can give some advice. It could be stress of a new environment. He could be establishing some boundaries/territory. Is he fixed? Neutering can help. Make sure you have plenty of litter boxes. For a two cat household, it is good to have two or three litter boxes. He may not want to use the same box the other cat is or your other cat may have even chased him away from it. This is a start. Good luck and please be patient. Don't give up him.
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Re: Our cat is urinating on our bed

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Hi  MOCatdaddy


Checking in on the situation with Squishy and Zouga. I've heard back from Petoc's animal specialist and they recommend having more than one litter box as well. They also mention perhaps switching the type of litter used. You may want to call the place where they were adopted from for information on the kind of he litter he was used to. 


Additionally, they agreed with ilovemypet's advice on taking him to a vet to rule out any potential medical causes. Male cats commonly get urinary issues so a consult with a vet would be warranted. You may also want to ask this question to PetCoach. To ask a vet your concerns, scroll down to the bottom of any of our community pages and enter your question in the green box labeled "Ask A Vet". I hope to hear an update soon!


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Re: Our cat is urinating on our bed

A LOT of questionable behaviors can be explained by a visit to the vet, so I have to echo what everyone else said there.

I really love the name for your cat! Did Dory give you the idea? Smiley Happy
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