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My kitten has a swollen upper lip

My cat has a swollen upper lip. It looks a little bigger than usual and is slightly more pink than usual. There is no scabbing, broken skin or any sort of visible wound. I've inspected her mouth and haven't found any ulcers on her lip or tongue. She has been eating and drinking Just fine as well as eliminating with no problems. She has had dried crusty boogers around her nose since I got her about a month ago. They're dark, almost black in color, and I clean them off every day. Other than that, nothing that seems to raise any other alarms.
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Re: My kitten has a swollen upper lip

Hi edennlatoni. Thank you for your question; it sounds like a trip to the veterinarian may be in order. Please be sure to come back and keep us posted!
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Re: My kitten has a swollen upper lip

Many viruses similar to the ones that cause herpes in humans are common among cats. Some can be controlled through vaccinations, and others seem to emerge when the cat is young and has't fully developed its immune system or is weakened by other factors: parasites, malnutrition, etc. The discolored area usually ulcerates but not always, and I suspect that's what's going on here.  I have also had cats who were chronic sneezers for which no solution was ever found.  One sneezed so violently it sometimes had nosebleeds.  When there is nasal and ocular discharge, that's usually a sign of upper respiratory infection superimposed on the other problem.  As has been suggested, I would consult a veterinarian.to see what can be done.  Take care of your little friend! Sounds like a good guy!


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