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My Cat Lulu

I adopted Lulu 2 years ago. I found her on Craiglist. What a wonderful day for Lulu and I. She is now 13yrs old but the best friend a girl could have. She follows me around, sleeps with me every night and loves me unconditionally. She is a beautiful Tabby with green eyes. She loves to play with her toys and snuggles with me when I nap during the day. I have COPD and am on oxygen full time. When the day comes and I can't take care of Lulu, my dear friend said she would take her for me. I am blessed with good friends. We all need a furry friend to love and care for us. Lulu never complains or gripes at me. I can't say that about my siblings. It is nice to be loved.

Jackie Soliongco

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Re: My Cat Lulu

Hi Jackie and Lulu. Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing your story with us. There really is nothing like the love from our pets. :heart:

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