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Jealous Kitty

We have had our dog for 7 years now and our cat for 6. We adopted another cat (about 6 weeks ago) who is 2 years old. At first he got along great with the dog, rubbing up against him even. He gets along just fine with the other cat. But the last 2-3 weeks he seems to be jealous of the dog. When the dog comes near me he will growl, then hiss, then swipe at the dog if I am not petting him (even if I'm not petting the dog either). If I pet them both he is fine with the dog. If the dog walks away from me the cat will growl at him and then stalk him and sit between the dog and me. I have made sure to pet them both at the same time so the cat would realize I love them both but that doesn't seem to make a difference. I isolated the cat to a separate room the last time he did it. Is this the right thing to do? The only thing to do?

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Re: Jealous Kitty

Hi tracyz. Welcome to the community and thank you for your question.  We recommend starting back at square one and separating them with only supervised visits until both parties are chilled out. We would feed them apart and make sure both have ample distractions, (toys, walks for the dog, etc.) Use positive reinforcements when they place nice, like praise and treats. Make sure your kitty has a perch or something that she can run to safety, climb up and observe if things get crazy. We also have an article here about cats and dogs getting along that you might find helpful. Let us know how things progress. Smiley Very Happy

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