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Thank you Petco for getting the word out about Catios!  So many cat owners I have spoken to have not heard of them, so I always share pictures of the catio we built for our four furbabies!

They have always been indoor cats, because it is TOO dangerous to let them roam the neighborhood or streets.  The catio we built is the BEST home project we have ever done and our cats have never been happier being able to access the outdoors to enrich their lives and protect it.

KUDOS to Petco!   


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Re: Catio

Hi Cicilini. 


Welcome to the community! I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the catio blog and I'd love for you to post about the i of yours! Do you have photos of the before and after? What materials did you use? Hope to hear more about your fabulous catio and the cats who live in it soon!


Alex Cat Very Happy



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Re: Catio

Hello Alex,

For my catio I purchased a Gazebo and used the frame and then purchased pet friendly wire to wrap around it. A friend built a wood frame and door that attaches to the gazebo and cat walks using cedar wood. Our cat ramp is made from two wire shelves held together with zip ties and outdoor carpet. The cost was much cheaper than purchasing a cat ramp on Ebay. I also purchased 3 Pet Canopy Cots on Ebay, these are therapuetic, have a mesh in the middle to keep them cool and it keeps the bugs off of them, and it also provides shade. I put a pet door in the living room window for easy access. My four cats just absoulutely love their catio! When the rain starts I am going to attach the Gazebo Canopy Cover to keep their Catio dry. The size of the Catio is 10' x 12'.

I have tried to attach pictures but am having difficulty because of the size. And I don't see where on this reply to attach a picture. If you could please let me know how to attach the pic, I would be more than happy to.

Please keep cats safe and build or purchase a catio!

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