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I've had my birds for almost 4yrs

I purchased 3 Birds and one dies the next month but the other 2 are still kicking. I believe the reason the third bird died was because the other 2 may have killed him, I'm not sure, but all 3 we're put in the same cage. I've had the 2 blue ones 2months before I bought the green one, so I thought maybe the 2 blue ones killed him because he was taking up their space and eating their food.
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Re: I've had my birds for almost 4yrs

What type of "birds" do you have? I'm assuming parakeets, also called budgies, but I want to be sure.

It could very well be that the 2 birds that were living in the cage first became territorial and killed the third bird, however it depends on a lot of things. If the cage wasn't large enough for three birds then that could have been the issue. However, was there evidence that the bird was killed? Why do you think that? Did it have external injuries? Was it eating and drinking normally? Was it lethargic? Puffed up?

The only way to really know is to have a necropsy done, and honestly I'd watch your other two birds closely, as if it was an illness your other 2 birds may have it as well. It's VERY important that you take birds to a Certified Avian Vet immediately upon them showing ANY signs or symptoms of illness, as birds instinctively hide any signs of illness for as long as they possibly can. Showing signs of illness is considered a weakness in the wild and can make a sick bird a target for predators, and possibly even make the entire flock the bird is in danger of predators. This is why they hide illnesses very well for as long as they can. So by the time a bird shows signs of illness like not eating or drinking, being lethargic, sleeping all the time, being puffed up all the time, etc. they have usually been sick for quite a while and are very seriously ill.
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