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Healthy From Head to Tail: What You Need to Know About Check Ups, Vaccinations and More

By JanetTCrosby on Jan. 16, 2017
Learn at what age your dog or cat should make their first visit to a veterinarian and why establishing a relationship with your pet’s veterinarian is...
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Our Predictions for the Most Popular Pet Names of 2017

By AbbyQuillen on Dec. 29, 2016
Nationwide, the largest pet insurer in the country, recently released the most popular dog and cat names of 2016. The list was similar to recent years...

Could Your Pet be the Next Big Health Care Breakthrough?

By LauraNewcomer on Dec. 28, 2016
Recent research from the Human Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI) shows that our pets are good for our health. If you’re skeptical (or simply loo...

Will You Be There When Animals Need Us the Most?

By PetcoFoundation on Nov. 28, 2016
This Giving Tuesday, put your love for animals into action, and we’ll both be there the next time animals need us.