What You Need to Know About Reptiles and UV Lighting

By Petco_Charlene on Sep 26, 2016
A lack of UVB and vitamin D3 can cause metabolic bone disease in reptiles. Learn more about the importance of UVB light for your reptile.

6 Responsible Things You Can Do for Your New Puppy or Dog

By Petco_Charlene on Sep 16, 2016
Whether you have a new puppy or an adult dog, you want to be the best pet parent. Here are six ways you can be a responsible pet parent.

The Petco Foundation Wants to Make Holiday Wishes Come True!

By PetcoFoundation on Sep 8, 2016
 Spread the word! From Sept. 1 – Oct. 15, the Petco Foundation is inviting pet adopters to share their stories of love to help grant Holiday Wishes f...

You Never Think It Will Happen To Your Dog

By NivaDorell on Sep 7, 2016
 When Ruby slipped on some snow-covered ice, she barely made a sound and kept on running gleefully. Little did we know that that moment would be the...