What's better than adding one puppy to the family? Adding two!

By Leah_Pet on Aug. 8, 2017


After raising three children and being without pets for a few years, Lynda and Trevor Bailey’s house seemed quiet—possibly too quiet. So, they decided to liven things up (literally) by adding a pair of puppies to their family. The couple researched the varying temperaments and personalities amongst breeds and narrowed it down to a short list of ones that would fit their lifestyle.

They decided they’d prefer to get siblings so the dogs would already be bonded and hopefully be able to entertain one another while Lynda and Trevor were at work. While creating their wish list, they thought long and hard about what types of activities they hoped to do with their pets. What they really wanted were well-socialized dogs who could go places with them and stay calm and well-behaved around other people and pets. To achieve that, they knew they would need to enroll their pups in dog training as soon as possible.

When it came to knowing what they wanted, the Baileys had it all figured out. However, the day they actually brought home their furry family members was quite a surprise. They were out car shopping when they got the news that homes had fallen through for a pair of Bernese Mountain dog puppies they had previously been interested in. With no preparation at all, the Baileys were suddenly the parents of two wiggly, adorable, perfectly matched puppies.

Meet Bella and Bear: brother and sister Bernese Mountain dogs who love playing, learning and loving!


Here are just a few things the Baileys learned during those first weeks with two puppies:

• Puppy-proofing the backyard is a must! Bella and Bear’s first day home revealed both the dangers and allure of having a pond on their property. Within minutes of being home, Bear accidentally rolled into the muddy water while Bella enthusiastically dove in after him. Trevor saved the day by pulling them both out quickly, but a welcome home bath for two was the next order of business. Now, the pond has a fence around it and the puppies have their own little pool to safely play in.

• What’s in a name? Trevor and Lynda turned to friends for inspiration when naming their dynamic duo. They posted pics of the pups online and got several fun suggestions from Sanford and Delilah to Marley and Harley and Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm. Eventually, they settled on Bear and Bella as Bear reminded them of a cuddly bear and Bella looked like a little princess.

• Training two puppies at once is hard! Getting two fur balls of energy to pay attention during class was a huge challenge. Lynda and her husband would select key items from their Petco dog training classes to work on at home because the puppies couldn’t focus on too much all at once. They found being patient, consistent and working with them every day made a huge difference.


• Who’s that? Sometimes when the dogs are moving quickly, it’s impossible to tell which one is which. Luckily the dogs don’t seem to mind if they are referred to by their sibling’s name. It’s quite possible they don’t even notice!

• It really is double the fun. Although Lynda acknowledges that having two puppies is a huge commitment, they really are a lot of fun. The pair are best friends who do everything together and love to mimic each other. 


Here are a few tricks the Baileys learned from raising two puppies at once:

Hide the squeaky toys at night! Puppies like to play at all hours. Lynda and Trevor learned to minimize nightly wake-ups by reserving the loud toys for daytime only. They also set aside the more expensive ones for when they’re home to monitor playtime, so they don’t get destroyed as fast.


Keep ‘em on a short leash. When things get hectic at the dog park, Lynda and Trevor snap an extra short leash on each pup to quickly pull them out of any sticky situations. Sometimes older dogs can lose their patience around all that youthful exuberance.

Stay chill. Bella and Bear’s trainer taught them how to stuff organic peanut butter (without Xylitol in it) into the pup's KONG toys and freeze them. Chewing to get it out keeps them entertained for hours. They also found freezing their nylon bones helped during particularly troubling teething times.


These days Bella and Bear can be found romping at the dog park, enjoying time with their new family members and practicing all the tricks and commands they’ve been learning in their Petco Positive Dog Training classes. They may still have a lot of puppy spirit in them, but they’ve already made great strides in becoming the calm, well-behaved pets Lynda and Trevor initially envisioned, but with a whole lot of extra cuteness!


Did you just get a new puppy? Petco has everything you need:


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