Welcome Home: Top 10 Tips to Introduce Your Hamster to Her New Habitat

By PetcoBlogger on Jun. 15, 2016

Congratulations on your new hamster! Follow these 10 tips to help your hamster get acclimated to her new home—and to you:

  1. Bring her home in a travel container, such as a ventilated cardboard box, along with a bit of the bedding from her original habitat. Be sure to keep her out of drafts or extreme temperatures. If you have errands to run before you arrive home, don’t leave her in the car, but do keep her in her travel container.

  2. Select a habitat that has a solid bottom, which will keep your hamster comfy and cozy. Select a size and style that gives your hamster plenty of room to rest, exercise and eat, and also is easy for you to clean.

  3. When you’re ready to transfer her to her new habitat, carefully open her travel container and scoop her out, cupping her in the palm of your hand and cupping your other hand over her. This will prevent her from jumping from your hands. Place her in her new habitat and close the door.

  4. Allow your hamster to get adjusted to her new surroundings. Have plenty of fresh hamster food, along with a treat or two, plus a chew stick or toy, waiting for her in her new habitat. And, be sure to have plenty of fresh water.

  5. Make sure your hamster’s new habitat is not in a loud or busy part of your house. And, make sure that it is not in direct sunlight or where it might experience extreme temperatures, such as near a heating or air conditioning vent.

  6. Always wash your hands before you pick up your hamster. Hamsters do not have good eyesight, but they have a very good sense of smell. If your fingers smell like food, she may think they are.

  7. When you do choose to say hello, be sure you do not startle your hamster awake. Hamsters like to sleep during the day, but they can become conditioned to your schedule. Gently wake your hamster and give her time to adjust and wake up. Then, reach in, cupping your hand under your hamster and your other hand over your hamster. Also, be sure to be sitting on the floor when holding your hamster. You don’t want your hamster to take a fall.

  8. Talk to your hamster. Hamsters can learn their name, so be sure to use it often when you talk to your new friend.

  9. Get to know your hamster’s favorite treats. Some like strawberries. Some prefer bananas. While treats should only be about 10% of your hamster’s total diet, knowing—and having—her favorite treats on hand, will help you bond.

  10. Always wash your hands after handling your hamster. While you’ll keep her habitat clean and fresh, practice good hygiene and thoroughly wash your hands each time you take your hamster out of her habitat.

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by Bulbasaur
‎10-06-2017 08:37 PM

These are good tips! 

These are good tips! 

Posted on Oct. 6, 2017
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